Exploring Sungai Lembing 林明 - Day 2

6th October 2013
0430hrs - Dragging ourself out of bed at this time was really a torture but necessary if we are to catch the sunrise on the top of Panorama hill. And it was a wise decision indeed.

0530hrs - After a 10 mins walk from the resort out to the village and having a quick but satisfying meal of fresh yong tau fu at the lembing market area. We proceed with our exhausting climb up the top of Panorama hill. The climb up the hill usually takes 40min to 1 hours for those with average fitness. The climb up can be very tiring due to the steep and long flights of stairs to the top of the hill.

0700hrs - Waiting patiently at the top of Panorama hill, the sun slowlys peeks out over the horizon and directly over Gua Charas in the distance. The scene with the fluffy clouds and gorgeous sunrise was amazing, never mind that we had a huge contingent of other tourist sharing it with us.

0900hrs - Having a good time on the top of Panorama hill with our antics, we proceed down to the market area for round 2 of our breakfast. Again we have yong tau fu topped with roasted pork, the noodles are especially good as they are made in lembing itself with 70 years tradition.

1030hrs - Everyone was visibly very tired after waking up so early in the morning but that did’t stop us from exploring lembing as we headed over to the Sungai Lembing Museum which was built to re-live the glorious days of Sungai Lembing as Pahang’s richest manufacturer of tin. Once, this city was even dubbed the Malay States’ very own El-Dorado as it was here that a special settlement for British officers was located. Beginning in 1984, though, all that prosperity and riches gradually dwindled as a result of tin’s price drop.
The uniqueness of this museum lies in the fact that it is situated in what used to be a residency of a mine officer. The residency itself still retains its British architecture features

1200hrs - We then headed to the Sungai Lembing Mines. The tin mine in Sungai Lembing was once the deepest and longest underground mine in the world. It was operated on a big scale thus making Sungai Lembing renowned throughout the world. Visitors will experience a lifetime journey trough the “Original Mine” which displays various collections of mining paraphernalia’s. We also came across mannequins, drilling machines, trams, interactive exhibits, info boards depicting life inside the mines.

1400hrs - After the “mining” experience, we headed back to the resort for a break to hide away from the extreme afternoon heat. Those who are more energetic even had a round of table tennis before going for a quick nap.

1600hrs - Waking up, we did what we always do best, which is to cycle and explore around lembing. Again we cross the hanging bridges, cycled down the hidden paths and manage to have great fun on the river bed.

1900hrs - We headed back to our resort for a BBQ dinner. The bbq food was good and we had a good time lighting up fireworks along the way.

2130hrs - Again we had an early nights sleep as we had to wake up at 5:00am the following morning for our 4WD and hiking trip to the famous Rainbow waterfall.

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